Brother and sister team Allison and Neill are partners in Ainslie-Davis Construction as a family-oriented business with deep roots, long-term employees, and strong community relationships. They bring complimentary strengths and a balanced perspective to every project.

Allison Ainslie is the administrative construction manager. She holds a degree in Construction Management from the University of Washington and has spent more than 20 years in the industry in both residential and commercial construction. As the administrative construction manager, Allison oversees estimates, bid proposals, cost control and other client services. Her goal is to assist the clients and project managers in all aspects of the construction process and help to ensure the project comes in one time and on budget. She asks the important questions that will help clients make budget decisions and keeps clients informed of the business and financial implications throughout the course of the project.

Neill Ainslie is the senior project manager. He has spent more than 30 years in the construction industry, building high-end custom homes, speculative homes, and remodeling houses. He has hands on experience through all phases of the construction process, starting in childhood by learning from his uncle and father, who were both builders. He augments his hand on experience with a degree in Construction Management from the University of Washington. As the senior project manager, his job is to oversee all active projects. He is acting liaison between architects, homeowners, and project superintendents. He also monitors quality control of company crews and the select group of Ainslie-Davis approved subcontractors.