A full-length version of each testimonial is available on request.

“We have worked with Ainslie Davis Construction on two of our own house projects . I would recommend them to others and have in the past. Their employees and subcontractors have been great to work with considerate, respectful, paid attention to detail, timely and efficient.”

— Alix Day and Rob Ward

“We live in the house we always wanted thanks to Ainslie-Davis Construction. Ultimately, I appreciated that the construction crew was always polite, respectful, and professional. We have recommended Ainslie-Davis to friends and will continue to do so.”

— Tera Schreiber

“I am very happy with the way that our house was built.  The attention to detail and the follow through was excellent.  They were always happy to brainstorm for a different or better way to do things.  Neill had plenty of good ideas to bring to the table and Allison made it easy to decide what to do by providing a cost analysis for all the choices. I had a great experience with Ainslie-Davis and I would not hesitate to use them again on a project.”

 — Erin Neubauer

“We could not be more pleased with our choice of Ainslie-Davis as our general contractor as they provided us with outstanding quality of work, exceptional budgeting and cost control and excellent project scheduling. We highly recommend using the services of the Ainslie-Davis Construction Company for any remodeling needs. We certainly would use them again in a heartbeat.”

— Miguel de Campos

“Our experiences each time with Ainslie Davis have been exceptional. In addition to high quality work, one of the best things we can say about Ainslie Davis is that their communication is open, honest and transparent. From the way they present their budget estimates, to ongoing construction updates during the project – we always felt like we had a good understanding of the project and we were able to make informed decisions when we had to make tradeoffs for budget reasons, or design choices. We would highly recommend Ainslie Davis to anyone considering a residential construction project.”

 — John Cirone & David Brannon

 “Ainslie Davis was always accountable, responsive, and the epitome of professional. We are so fortunate to have worked with such a terrific team and would do it all over again. We highly recommend Ainslie Davis Construction.”

— April & Andrew Rauch

“We would highly recommend Ainslie-Davis Construction without reservation… We could not have found a better team of professionals and I would strongly recommend them for any project!”

— Deb Schaack & Jutta Schneider

“. . . communicated amongst yourselves and with me. It was always an honest and open dialogue based on facts rather than emotions or conjecture. …is the simple fact that you’re (Ainslie-Davis) all friendly good-hearted people who clearly care about your clients. I went in thinking of A-D as a contractor. I came out having built a relationship with a great partner.”

 — Don Mooers

“The outcome was a beautiful kitchen completed on time and on budget. During the process our friends would ask, “Aren’t you remodeling? Why aren’t you complaining? We weren’t complaining about our remodel because Ainslie-Davis did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, at the cost they promised, and did it well.”

— Joani Benoit and Vince Vonada

“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Ainslie-Davis. E. Cobb Architects has worked with Neill, Allison, and Scottie Majcher on many projects over the last 15 years. In our experience, Ainslie-Davis consistently provides thorough accurate estimates, excellent client hand holding assistance, and they contribute exceptional value and craftsmanship to each job.”

 — Kirsten Mercer-Cobb

 Ainslie-Davis combines the care and attention to detail one would expect from a small, service-oriented practice such as theirs, with the rigor and professionalism expected of a considerably larger firm. During preconstruction and throughout the construction process, Ainslie-Davis keeps the project budget in the forefront. In each project I completed with Ainslie-Davis, they worked closely with the owners and me to find creative, cost saving alternatives that made sure the owner’s and architect’s visions were executed within the final construction budget. They became totally invested in ensuring that the final product was finely constructed and that the quality exceeded the client’s expectations. I recommend Ainslie-Davis without hesitation.”

 — Thomas Isarankura

“We interviewed a number of contractors and eventually selected them (Ainslie-Davis) on the basis of their strong references and our belief that they “got” the vision that we had for the house. I could not be happier with our experience, or with the house that they built for us.”

— Craig Reynolds

Build My House

Will you build me a house,
A house that really will be mine?
Then let me give you my design:
A simple scheme of
The house I dream of.

Build my house of wood,
Build my house of stone,
Build my house of brick and mortar.
Make the ceiling strong,
Strong against the storm,
Shelter when the days grow shorter.

But build my house of love,
And paint my house with trusting,
And warm it with the warmth of your heart.

Make the floor of faith,
Make the walls of truth,
Put a roof of peace above.
Only build my house of love.

~ By Leonhard Bernstein